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Welcome to the Gorean Living chat room entrance.

Please read this entire page before entering the chat! Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

Report Chat Room Rule Violations

By chatting in the Gorean Living chat room, you agree that you have read this entire page, understand and agree to abide by the rules contained on this page. Failure to follow the rules will result in moderator/Op action. Generally, one warning is given and then the person will be kicked from the channel. Excessive incidents will result in banning.

This room is for discussion of bringing the philosophies found in John Norman's Gor series into real life and living according to the vaules, tenets, ideals, values, etc contained therein. You need not be Gorean to visit, as long as you are respectful of our values.

Those claiming to be Gorean slaves will be expected to behave accordingly. Please see the rules for Kajiri for details on what this means.

It is recommended that if you are serious about learning about Gorean philosophy, you obtain and read the books. All of them. They are available through this website, as well as eBay, Half.com, Amazon and used bookstores if you get lucky.

**Asking for or offering illegal copies of the books in ANY form will result in being banned from this room and associated mailing lists and forums! This is your only warning! Do not do it!**

Now on to the list of rules:

• This channel is not a meat market, slave market, or pickup room. Don't treat it like one.

• Do not PM without asking in room first.

• No one has to "Karta" It's not even a real Gorean position, and this isn't a RP channel anyway. If they're typing in the channel, they've already "entered". Slaves should beg to join the conversation if one is in progress, and also to be excused/afk.

• No one is required to lowercase proper nouns here. There will be no harassment of anyone based on upper/lowercase nicks.

Do not T/type L/like T/this A/as I/it I/is V/very A/annoying A/and H/hard T/to R/read !/!, or use made up online "Gorean" languages here. It's not Gorean. At all.

• Be respectful of others and behave according to your station. Gentlemen, please at least be civil unless given cause to be otherwise. Ladies; just because the books say FW can act like harridans with impunity doesn't mean it is welcome or proper. It certainly isn't here!

• This is not a RP room. The outright prohibiting of all RP has been lifted, however, no forms or RP are required or encouraged.
The best way to serve the free in an online venue is to be respectful, deferential, helpful and courteous, whilst providing engaging and pleasing conversation - not pretending to "bring" them imaginary food and beverages and such.

• While the free do not owe anything to slaves, and have the right to correct them as they see fit, unwarranted rudeness or harrassment is prohibited.

• Slaves are NEVER required to give out their personal information (real name, location, phone number, email, IM, etc.) and are strongly advised to avoid doing so. Anyone who attempts to force a slave to give out personal information, will be immediately and permenantly banned!

• Non-Goreans are welcome here. Anti-Gorean statements are not. If you don't like Goreans, stay out of Gorean chat rooms. Simple enough.

• Debate is welcome as long as it remains polite and civil.

• This is a public chat room, meaning it is open to the public, so if you want to have a private conversation, take it to a private venue. Any conversations happening in the GL chat room are fair game for everyone.

• Slaves are welcome and encouraged to take part in conversations unless specifically told otherwise.

• If no mods are present, any free person may attempt to enforce the rules and tell someone to leave if needed. Please remember that logs are being recorded and anyone abusing this privilege is risking being kicked/banned.

Enjoy your stay. (Okay..So that's not really a rule..You can hate it if you like)

And, as stated in most of the other Gor related rooms, the rules are the rules. If you can't or won't abide by them, find a different room. It just so happens that most of the rules here are not "Gorean" rules. That's because, again..This room is for the DICCUSSION of Gor! Not acting it out.


Although the generally accepted Gorean protocol is not required of non-Gorean slaves in this room, it would be wise to remember that your words, tone and manner of address will be noted by the free and will affect how you are viewed by many. If you aren't sure what is appropriate, PLEASE ASK! This is a place for learning in a safe environment and others will surely be happy to answer your questions. You are encouraged to also read the rules for Kajiri to gain a better understanding of how slaves and submissives may be more pleasing to the free.

**If you are claiming to be a Gorean slave, you will act like it or be kicked/banned! Please see the rules for Kajiri for details on what this means.

This page will continue to be updated as new issues are identified. Please check back regularly.
To be notified when changes are made to this page, click here.

By entering the chat room, you are stating that you have read and agree to abide by the rules on this page.

Yes, I have read and agree to abide by the rules stated above.

No, I do not agree to these rules and do not wish to enter the chat room.

You can also access the room directly from your IRC client.
Server: irc.xxxchatters.com
Channel: #Gorean_Living

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