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What does it Mean to "Be Gorean"?

1. Having read and understood at least a significant number of the Gor books and made the conscious decision to embrace and live according to the philosophies, tenets, & ideals contained therein and identify as Gorean. Consciously continuing to act on that decision in all ways and at all times.

2. Honour - Having and holding to the dictates of a clear sense of right and wrong, personal integrity, justice, both in one's personal dealings with self, God (defined as whatever higher power (s)/force(s) one claims, if any), others and the universe as a whole; and in terms of helping to uphold those things on a larger scale, such as defending the honour of one's kin, countrymen, values, etc wherever there is a need. There is no honour in being an "armchair warrior".. and ALL, regardless of "caste" or status, are called to be warriors when there is a worthy battle to be fought.

3. Belief in and adherence to the Natural Order - Active dedication to maintaining the natural balance of human, and especially male/female interactions and interpersonal relationships. Belief and actions that support that belief that men tend to be the more dominant and women tend to be the more submissive of the human species and that is the way that is should be. Refusal to suppress or insist that others suppress one's inherent personality traits, talents or strengths based on any societal pressures. (this includes those traits that fall outside the "norm" and pressures from Gorean society!)

4. Living in cooperation with Nature - Commitment to making responsible use of the resources nature has provided us with, without subverting or "conquering" nature. Working to advance technology for the betterment of all without destroying our environment. Recognition that the Earth and nature is our ally, not our enemy or an obstacle to be overcome.

5. Understanding and respect for the social hierarchy within the Gorean community - While Free Companionships, slaves and slavery are not an important part of the *philosophies* and not at all necessary for one to be Gorean, the institutions of both Free Companionship and slavery are integral parts of Gorean *society*. Therefore, it is important to recognize the social structure and interact with others in the community as befits their status in relation to yours. (ie: Understanding that while a FW may be as a slave to her FC, she is NOT a slave, respecting one's right to deal with their property as they see fit [within reasonable limits], remembering one's place, be it FM, FW or slave, etc.)

© Khaos WolfKat 2006 - Present


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