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The Wolf Den is located just North of Seattle, Washington. Our family (both live in and live out) currently consists of myself, my daughter, my other daughter, my 2 sons, my 2 granddaughters, my grandson, my boy, his fiancée, a friend's kajira, and my dog.

I don't know if my household is a "typical" Gorean household or not, and it doesn't really matter to me one way or the other. What DOES matter is that honour, integrity, accountability and personal responsibility are required within, regardless of station.

There have been a fair number of changes recently, and things have been a little scattered, but once we are settled down again, we plan to start holding gatherings again.

For bio pages or to contact one of us, click on the pictures below.



Up until recently, there were photos and bios of more of my family/household members on this family/household page, however, certain parties are attempting to stir up a campaign to accuse me of "exploiting" my children and grandchildren, because of references to and photos of them here on this page reserved for my household and family. Said parties claim that children have no place in any way connected with "Gorean Ethos". That is because some people insist on taking just some of the "exciting" bits from the fiction/storyline portions of the books, rather than embracing the philosophies of what is a natural and healthy way of living and viewing it as some kind of kink or sex game. If that is what you think Gor is about, please go back to the main page or this website and start over, because you have completely missed the point.
Gorean philosophy is perfectly family friendly, if not terribly politically correct. If you feel differently, you are the one who is perverting things, not I!

Unfortunately, because some people are easily led and will eat whatever is spoon-fed to them, rather than actually look at things in context, I have had to remove the photos and bios of some of my family members from this page to avoid a ban on a particular chat server. Normally, I'd just stay off the server in question, however, that would keep me from responsibilities to which I've agreed, so for now, this page will be incomplete.

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