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The Gor Books

That is where it all started. In the mid to late 60's, Professor John Lange, a philosophy instructor at Queens College, CUNY, tried to promote some ideas that, at the time, were very unpopular!

The more radical feminist movement and other "equal rights" movements were just getting into full swing at that time, and ideas that he espoused - such as the notion that everyone is NOT equal; that there are profound differences between genders besides some different sexual organs; that those who are naturally stronger should rule, while those who are weaker should have supporting roles in society; that "progress" is not always a good thing, and more - were not at all welcomed, to say the least.

Criticized by staff and colleagues and apparently forbidden to teach such things in his classes, Professor Lange went the route that others, such as Heinlein, Hubbard and Rynd have, and turned to fiction to propagate his ideas.

Writing under the Pseudonym of "John Norman", his first book in the 28 book (so far) Gor series, Tarnsman of Gor, was published in 1967.

The common themes that stand out in the books are ideas of casting off false societal teachings, living in cooperation and harmony with one's environment, being true to one's nature, understanding and embracing the difference between the sexes and people in general, personal accountability, honor, civic duty and respect.

Here is a list of all the books in the series to date, with descriptions and purchase links on Amazon.

Much to the surprise of the author, many were so taken with the principles, ideas and overall philosophy contained in the books, that they not only took his writings to heart, but began incorporating them into their own life philosophies to the point of creating an entire new culture here on Earth, often referred to as "The Gorean Lifestyle".

Books 1 through 26 have been revised by the author, with better editing and additions to better explain or clarify parts of the books. All of the revised editions, as well as the newer books are available in both print and electronic form through Amazon, as well as most other major book sellers.

To buy used copies (from the Gorean Living site) of the original printings of the Gor books and other John Lange (AKA John Norman) titles, click the button below.

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