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Gorean Slavery

It should be pointed out that slavery, while an accepted institution within Gorean culture, is not at all necessary to being Gorean.
That is not what Gor is about! In fact, you could completely take slavery out of the picture and the Gorean philosophies and way of life would remain.
That said however, the instution of slavery, frequently being a natural progression/consequence of living by Gorean principles and ideals, can't help but be discussed on a Gorean site, if we are to be realstic. Since Goreans do tend to be realists, and also seeing as how I, myself, did spend many years as a slave, many of the writings here do have to do with slavery, both from the perspective of slaves themselves, and from the viewpoint of the free.

A cautionary article written by a Gorean slave

Slavery, while not an integral part of being Gorean, and not at all part of the philosophy itself, is likely the most well known element of Gorean culture.
It is what initially attracts many, if not most, to the Gorean way of life, and so I feel it should be included on this site, if for no other reason than to warn some away.

Why would I want to warn someone away from what I live and love?

Because I believe that FAR too many go into this with their eyes glazed over and romantic dreams of the fairy tale "slavery" in their heads.

Would-be slaves often dream of days spent primping, preening, and being shown off and nights of being "forced" to one "slave orgasm" after another.

They aren't thinking of cleaning toilets, catboxes and yards, washing dishes, taking out the garbage, or the often seemingly ceaseless waiting and lonliness.

They may fantasize about being "forced" to go without panties, wear a corset, chastity device or gag, or have an owner choose their clothes for them, but the fact that they may be forbidden to speak for days, weeks of months on end, denied any sexual release and forced to throw away their favorite pair of jeans, or the shirt their grandmother gave them before she died has never crossed their minds.

That vision of endless days with just their master may be lovely, but what about when they want to go visit family and the answer is no?
It doesn't occur to them that their master could decide that his pleasure would be better served if his slave gave up custody of her children.
Or perhaps had a hysterectomy or abortion because he doesn't want children.

The fact is that slavery within the Gorean construct is absolute!

It is not a game, it is not a fantasy and it is FAR from easy!!

Unlike many other forms of consensual slavery, in a Gorean M/s relationship, there are no contracts, no negotiating, no lists of limits, and no convenient "outs" for the slave.

A Gorean slave is at the complete mercy of her (or his) owner in all things, from what, if any food, sleep, clothing or shelter the slave will be allowed, when and if s/he will be allowed to work or go to school, have children, have contact with friends or family, to what religion, if any, they may practice and whether they will have toilet privileges.

This isn't to say that most Gorean slaves are never allowed these things, but it DOES mean that once the collar goes on, that is it. It's a done deal.
And even if agreements are made before the collar is placed, the owner has no obligation to stick to them.
It is a Gorean slave's place to please the free and a master's place to be pleased, NOT the other way around!
If the slave's owner proves to be a poor fit, or even unfit, the slave can beg release, but if it is not granted, s/he has no recourse but to obey or fail as a slave (in that instance).

Another *major* differnece between Gorean slaves and most other types of slaves is that Gorean slaves are customarily expected to be obedient, deferential and pleasing to ALL free persons, not just the one who owns them.
Gorean slaves don't get to decide who they will obey and who they won't. They don't have the luxury of smarting off to someone else because "you aren't my dom". They are to address all free men as Master and all free women as Mistress unless the free person in question prefers some other form of address and they are to do their utmost to be pleasing to them regardless of personal opinion.

If the master (free man) addressing the slave stinks to high hades and looks like the ugly end of an ugly dog, tough. If he wouldn't know honor if it bit him on the arse, too bad. If he isn't deserving of the respect due a thieving, baby murdering rapist, oh well. A kajira's place is to be respectful and pleasing regardless of our personal feelings. Only our owners may decide who we will or will not obey and defer to.

A Gorean slave may well be called upon to serve, and sometimes intimately, someone they are repulsed by. In such a case, we have the same options as always.. Beg for a reprieve, obey or fail.

I could continue to detail the ways in which kajirae are truly at the mercy of the free, but I think I have made my point.
The bottom line is that, as said in the beginning, this is no easy path.
It is well worth the journey for those who are truly cut out to be Gorean slaves, but unless you absolutely cannot do other than surrender all and serve, the path of kajira/kajirus is one best avoided!

          A word about *Owning* slaves...

Before I close, let me not neglect the path of slave ownership!

Neither is this an easy path!
Granted, yours is, in some ways, less frought with risk, especially with regard to the risk of failure, but there are pitfalls for the free as well.

Just like it is a common thing for would-be slaves to fantasize about being a slave, the free often have a very unrealistic view of what it is like to own a slave.

They think that it is all about arm trophies, power and blowjobs on command and never stop to think or realize that owning another human being is HARD WORK!

It is true that a Gorean slave owner has no obligation to a slave whatsoever, but on the other hand, it is foolish to think that all one has to do is lock a collar upon a slave's neck in order to recieve perfect service.
Of course, as a free person, you have the *right* to expect whatever you like of your property, and if the slave doesn't comply, then the slave has failed as a slave, but honestly, how realistic is it to expect a slave to serve pleasingly if left to flounder?
The answer is that, rights of the free or not, it is just not very likely to work out.
Slaves need guidance, training, nurturing and at least some degree of attention, appreciation and/or affection in order to thrive, and a thriving slave is a more pleasing slave.

Once you have taken ownership of a slave, you are responsible for them.
That person is your property to mold, teach, use or leave to atrophy as you will, but, like any property, if you fail to maintain it, it will undoubtedly cease to serve you well.
Gorean Living/Khaos WolfKat - All rights reserved.

Note: It seems that, recently, a so-called slave, currently going by the name of AthStescia, has been posting this essay as her own, claiming to have written this piece years ago. She is a liar. ALL content on the Gorean Living website was written by me, Khaos WolfKat, unless otherwise noted, and may not be used outside of what is allowed by "fair use" without explicit, written permission. If you see something from this site posted elsewhere, by anyone other than myself or the listed author, it is most likely being used illegally, and I would much appreciate being informed, via my contact form. Thank you.
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