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Last updated: 2022.08.20

I initially became acquainted with "things Gorean" in 1999 because I was much drawn to some of the Gorean "trappings" that I had witnessed, after having been involved in BDSM for about 10 years. I decided I wanted to know more about this, "Gor thing", so I sought out additional information.
As I explored, I found out that the "Gorean Lifestyle", unlike what I had been told by some, was, in fact, NOT a form of Master/slave relationships, nor did it have anything at all to do with slaves, kink, BDSM, or anything of the sort.
I was introduced the actual books and realized that the philosophies found in them really resonated with me. It was something that made sense of how I had always "been".
My reading and involvement with the greater Gorean community led me to a large number of great truths. About myself, about the world around me, about how I had been interacting with others, and much more.

A far more inclusive bio, with many more details about who I am, my likes, beliefs, worldview, etc. can be found HERE.

I have been a single, free woman, a Free Companion, and even a slave during my years as a Gorean woman, all of which has been useful and instructive.

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