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"Sometimes, at as little as a meeting of eyes, masters and slaves know one another. "I must have her. She is mine," he tells himself. "I belong to him. I am his slave," her heart whispers to her. This matter of eye contact is interesting and has many facets. One of the most initially frightening and disturbing things to Earth women brought to Gor as slaves is the way Gorean men look at them. They are not used to being looked at as women, truly, with appraisal, desire and ownership. This tends, in the beginning, when they are still new to their collars, to confuse and frighten them, but also, of course, as it will continue to do, and even more powerfully, to stimulate them. It is the first time that they have found themselves in the order of nature, and as what they are, and it is the first time that they have found themselves being looked at, frankly, and honestly, within the order of nature, and as what they are, females, appropriate objects of male predation and desire.

This recognition of her femaleness, and this joy in release and self-discovery, often comes as a stunning revelation to the Earth female. Never again, once having discovered this, does she retreat to the conditioned ideals of neuterism and pseudo masculinity, nor, indeed, even if she desired to do so, would her masters permit it. Sometimes in training, incidentally, or as a discipline or punishment, the slave is not permitted to look into the eyes of the master. Indeed, sometimes, in training, she is not permitted to raise her eyes above the belt of the trainer.

Also, it must be recognized that many slaves often, and perhaps all slaves sometimes, find it difficult to look into the eyes of the master. He, after all, holds total power over them and they fear to displease him. What if he should interpret her gaze as suggesting the least insubordination or insolence? Are they truly prepared to have the soles of their feet lashed or to live on bread crusts for the next five days? But, on the other hand, there is, on Gor, in circles of the mastery, no discouragement, commonly, of eye contact between masters and slaves.

Indeed, in the deep and profound relationships of love and bondage, such eye contact is usually welcomed and encouraged. What can be understood of the glances of masters and slaves by those who have been united only in lesser relationships? Too, to be sure, from the practical point of view, it is useful for the girl to be able to look into the eyes of the master. In this way she may be able to better read his moods, and desires, and, accordingly, be able the better to serve him, in the process perhaps saving herself a few cuffings and beatings, such as might be garnered by a less alert, more slothful, laxer girl.

To be sure, all girls, upon occasion, are cuffed or beaten. This is good for them, and helps to remind them that they are slaves. Beauty in a slave girl, incidentally, and most slaves are beautiful, for this is the sort of woman that tends to be enslaved, does not excuse poor service. The most beautiful girl must serve with the same perfection as the lesser girl. Gorean masters are uncompromising on this point.

From the point of view of the master, too, not only is it pleasant to look into the eyes of a slave, but there are certain practical advantages attached to doing so. For example, one might, in her eyes, read desire, and thus order her to perform an act which she, even though a slave, might not have dared to beg to perform, or, say, by looking into her eyes, one might determine if she has been up to something or has neglected something to which she should have attended. Has she been into the sweets? Has she, perhaps gossiping and dawdling with the other girls, been amiss in the discharge of her duties? Perhaps the shopping has not yet been done? Perhaps the laundry has not yet been finished? Such infractions call for discipline. But perhaps, in lieu of discipline, the master will accept the performance of desperate placatory services on the part of the offending slave. The decision is his. I would, incidentally, advise the slave to be superb."

Page 257-259 - Savages of Gor

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On the condition of slavery . . .

"What are you?"
"I am a slave girl."
"What is a slave girl?"
"A girl who is owned."
"Why do you wear a brand?"
"To show that I am owned."
"Why do you wear a collar?"
"That men may know who owns me"
"What does a slave girl want more than anything?"
"To please men."
"What are you?"
"I am a slave girl."
"What do you want more than anything?"
"To please men."

Page 197 - Assassin of Gor

"Do you know, ultimately," I asked, "who will prove to be your one best trainer?" "No, Master," she said. "You, yourself," I said, "the girl, herself, eager to please, imaginative and intelligent, monitoring her own performances and feelings, striving lovingly to improve and refine them. You yourself will be largely responsible for making yourself the superb slave you will become."

Page 210 - Savages of Gor

"It is easy to tell among girls which are familiar with their condition and which are not. Once a girl truly understands that she is a slave, and there is no escape for her, once she understands it truly, emotionally, categorically, intellectually, physiologically, totally, deeply, profoundly, in every cell in her beautiful body, a fantastic transformation occurs in her. She then knows she is truly a slave. She then becomes wild and free, and sexual, and cares not that she might be scorned by the free either for her miserable condition or helpless appetites; she knows she will be what she must; she has no choice; she is slave. Women, in their heart, long to submit; this is necessary for the slave girl; she must submit or die; submitted, she is thrilled to the core; she lives then for love and service, bound to the will of her master. The joy of the slave girl may seem incomprehensible to the free but it is a reality."

Page 55 - Beasts of Gor

"And you want more of them, don't you?' he asked. "Yes, Master," I said, my eyes suddenly filling with tears. How helpless I was before such men. "And desperately so?" he said. "Yes, Master!" I wept. "You perhaps understand now," he said, "that there is more to slavery than collars and chains."

Page 251 - Dancer of Gor

"Emotion is not only positive, but necessary; the mastery of it is not up to the female. It is up to the male. She is to be every bit the writhing, crying, joyful, and utterly female being she can possibly be. It would be cruel to suggest otherwise."

Page 17- Tribesmen of Gor

"The Goreans claim that in each woman there is a free companion, proud and beautiful, worthy and noble, and in each, too, a slave girl. The companion seeks for her companion; the slave girl for her master. It is further said, that on the couch, the Gorean girl, whether slave or free, who has had the experience, who has tried all loves, begs for a master. She wishes to belong completely to a man, withholding nothing, permitted to withhold nothing. And, of course, of all women, only a slave girl can truly belong to a man, only a slave girl can be truly his, in all ways, utterly, totally, completely, his, selflessly, at his mercy, his ecstatic slave, helpless and joyous in the total submission which she is given no choice but to yield."

Page 102 - Hunters of Gor

"Her feelings were easily hurt, a valuable property in a slave girl. Too, she could not control her feelings, another excellent property in a slave girl. Her feelings, vulnerable, deep, exploitable, in her expressions and on her face, betrayed her, exposing her to men, and their amusement, as helplessly as her stripped beauty. They made her more easily controlled, more a slave."

Page 103-104- Tribesmen of Gor

"The life of a female slave," he said, "is a life wholly given over to love. It is not a compromised life. It is not one of those lives which is part this, and part that. It is a total way of life, a total life... There are no bargains made with her, no arrangements."

Page 435 - Mercenaries of Gor

"Slave girls relish compliments. Indeed there is a Gorean saying to the effect that any woman who relishes a compliment is in her heart a slave girl. She wants to please. Most Gorean men would not think twice about collaring a girl who responds, smiling, to compliments. A desire to please her Master. When she is complimented she knows she has pleased him."

Page 17 - Beasts of Gor

"I smiled. That is a common feature of many female slave garments, most of which are brief and open at the bottom. It has been discovered that a woman who has been placed in such a garment can usually be brought to a succession of orgasms much more quickly than one who has been more traditionally clothed. Perhaps that is why masters often put their slave girls in such garments. Two other features of such garments, of course, are that they teach the woman who wears them that she is slave and that they expose her beauty brazenly and deliciously to the vision of masters."

Page 343 - Fighting Slave of Gor

"The being of the slave, like the being of the master," she said, "is a totality."

Page 176 - Players of Gor

"To know what it is to be a slave one must be in the collar, one must be a slave."

Page 286 - Vagabonds of Gor

"He took me by the hair and thrust my head down to the furs. "A man can truly love only that woman," he said, "who is truly his, who belongs to him. Otherwise he is only a part to a contract." "A woman," I said, "can love only that man to whom she truly belongs." "To whom do you truly belong, Slave?" he asked. "To you, Master," I said. "You please me, Slave Girl," he said."

Page 444 - Slave Girl of Gor

"It is a beautiful moment when the woman realizes that the man who owns her is her love master, and the man realizes that the girl he bought, looking up at him, tears in her eyes, is his love slave. Then the only danger is that he will weaken. One must be strong with a love slave. If one truly loves her, he will be that strong. The slavery in which a love slave is kept is an unusually deep slavery."

Page 236 - Beasts of Gor

"How beautiful I must look to him, I thought. And I had sensed his incredible maleness, the animal maleness of him, so different from the thwarted, crippled sexuality so commended and tragically endemic among the males of Earth. For the first time in my life I felt I understood what might be the meaning of the expression "male," and as I lay before him, too, dimly, it frightened me, what might be the meaning of the expression "female." How beautiful, I thought, I must look to him, lying bound, totally vulnerable, helpless at his feet. How such a sight must stir the splendor of his manhood, to see the female, his, caught, helpless at his feet, his to do with in lust and pleasure, and joy, as he pleased, helpless to escape him, free for him to work his will upon her!"

Page 27 - Slave Girl of Gor

"He is strong enough, if I don't please him, to lash me."

Page 141 - Tribesmen of Gor

"No woman, it is said, knows truly what she is until she has worn the collar."

Page 155 - Raiders of Gor

"So, it is all the will of men?" she said, through her tears. "All the debts, all the owing, all the payments? And nothing is owed to me?" "No," I said. "Nothing is owed to you. You are a slave."

Page 204 - Magicians of Gor

"You are a slave," I said. "You are owned. You are a female. You will be forced to be a woman. If you were free, and Gorean, you might be permitted by men to remain as you are, but you are neither Gorean nor free. The Gorean man will accept no compromise on your femininity, not from a slave. She will be what he wishes, and that is a woman, fully, and his. If necessary you will be whipped or starved. You may fight your master. He will, if he wishes, permit this, to prolong the sport of your conquest, but in the end, it is you who are the slave; it is you who will lose.

Page 12 - Tribesman of Gor

"We do not choose our Masters nor is it up to us, whether or not we will please them, or to what degree. We must strive be perfection all ways, for anyone. that is part of what is to be a slave. In reconciling myself to bondage I had, also, to reconcile myself to this condition, it is a part of bondage. It is something which the slave must accept. Without it there can be no true slavery. I had accepted this condition, at least theoretically, verbally acknowledging its incumbency on me, in my training. somehow, interestingly, this acceptance too, seemed liberating to me, it made my bondage much more real to me. Too, interestingly, in its way, it also made it seem much more precious to me."

Page 92 - Dancer of Gor

"But I knew, looking down at those faces, that if any of them owned me, I would have to be fully pleasing to them. I would have to bend all of my efforts, and all of my beauty, my charm, my grace, my knowledge, my intelligence, my tact, everything that I was, and could hope be, to that end. I would have to be to them, and perfectly, a pleasure slave. And what horrified me most, I think, was that I wanted this. I wanted to serve men, and give them pleasure, to be precious to them, to be loved and appreciated, to make them happy."

Page 135 - Dancer of Gor

"I knew before," she said, "that I was truly your slave but I did not know until now that you were truly my master." She looked up at me, shaken. "It is a strange feeling," she said, "to know that someone-truly-is you master, to know that not only has he the right to do with you as he pleases but that he will, that your will is nothing to him, that it is your will and not his that must bend, that you are helpless and must-and will-do what he says, that you must obey."

Page 203 - 204 -Priest-Kings of Gor

"I supposed I was a wicked, worthless woman and, far worse, only a despicable natural slave, but something deep in me, fundamental in me, proud and ancient in me, loved men, and I did not want to make them small, and nothing, but wanted, rather, to please them, to obey them, to serve them, to give my all to them, to make them strong and proud, grand and glorious, to make them happy. But here, among the virile men of Gor, I had little choice in such matters. such things, regardless of whether or not I might wish to bestow them of my own free will, would be simply commanded of me."

Page 75 - Dancer of Gor

"One owns slaves and commands them. One does what one likes with them. One does not bargain with them."

Page 365 - Mercenaries of Gor

"Of Custom, a slave girl may not even ascend the couch to serve her Masters pleasure. The point of this restriction, I suppose, is to draw a clearer distinction between her status and that of a Free Companion. At any rate the dignities of the couch are, by custom, reserved for the Free Companion. When a Master wishes to make use of a slave girl he tells her to light the lamp of love which she obediently does, placing it in the window of his chamber that they may not be disturbed. Then with his own hand he throws upon the floor of his chamber luxurious love furs, perhaps from the larl itself, and commands her to them."

Page 68 - Priest Kings of Gor

"The slave cannot free herself. She can be freed only by an owner. The condition of slavery does not require the collar, or the brand, or an anklet, bracelet or ring, or any such overt sign of bondage. Such things, as symbolic as they are, as profoundly meaningful as they are, and as useful as they are for marking properties, identifying masters, and such, are not necessary to slavery. They are, in effect, though their affixing can legally effect imbondment, ultimately, in themselves, tokens of bondage, and are not to be confused with the reality itself. The uncollared slave is not then a free woman but only a slave who is not then in a collar. Similarly a slave is still a slave even if her brand could be made to magically disappear or, if she has been made a slave in some other way, if she has not yet been branded."

Page 273 - Renegades of Gor

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On the Value of a Slave Girl . . .

"Swords are often drawn on Gor over women, and particularly over lovely slaves. Women are prizes, perfections and treasures. It is no wonder that men fight over them with ferocity. Wars have been fought to recover a stolen slave."

Page 397 - Renegades of Gor

"Do some men care for their slaves," I asked, "just a little?" "Some men care for them much more than a little," he said. "Even natural slaves?" I asked. "Those are the best sort," he said."

Page 436 - Kajira of Gor

"She laughed. It was true. Gorean men, on the whole, do not free slaves. The freeing of a girl is almost unheard of. This makes sense. They are not free women. They are belongings, valuables, slaves, treasures. Who discards precious possessions, who surrenders treasures? If the slave girl were worth less perhaps she would be freed more. She is too marvelous to free; and if she is not marvelous, she can be slain. Too, what man who has known the glory and joy of a girl at his feet is likely to wish to exchange that for the inconvenience and bother of a free woman? No, slave girls, for all practical purposes, are not freed. They will remain in one collar or another. Men will have it that way."

Page 90 - Explorers of Gor

"An interesting contrast here is the Gorean master/slave relationship. Men tend to be extremely interested in things they own, and tend, usually, to be quite fond of them. Owned women do not form an exception to this general rule. The slave girl is commonly desired and prized by her master; she is one of his treasures. The Gorean master, interested in her and attentive to her, wants to know everything about her, in her emotions and feelings, in their feminine, lyrical detail. Conversing with a lovely slave is one of the many pleasures of owning her."

Page 99 - Fighting Slave of Gor

"In short we shall suppose that he discovers that he has purchased as is often the case not a mere slave, but a treasure. And she belongs to him! What a fortune, and joy, to own such a woman! He will want to watch her, to observe her least movement, to know her smallest thought. He will want to talk with her and listen to her, and know her with a depth and fullness far beyond anything that might be accorded to a mere contractual partner. She is not merely a person who is living with him. She belongs to him, literally, and he prizes her. But he will take care to be strict with her."

Page 186 - Guardsman of Gor

"I moved, warming up, preparing my muscles. I was intent, and careful. A dancer, of course, does not simply begin to dance. That can be dangerous. She warms up. It is like an athlete warming up, I suppose. As I warmed up, I could hear the jewelry on me, the tiny sounds of the skirt. Bells, too, marked these movements. I was belled. These I had fastened, in three lines, they fastened on a single thong, about my left ankle. Men, I sensed, somehow, would relish an ornamented woman, perhaps even one who was shamefully belled."

Page 24 - 25 - Dancer of Gor

"Men respected free women; they desired, fought for, sought and relished their female slaves."

Page 150 - Tribesmen of Gor

"One of the pleasant things about owning a slave," I said, "is the opportunity to converse with her, to listen to her, to hear her express herself, her feelings and ideas. One can learn much from a slave. Many slaves, like yourself, are highly intelligent. They can express themselves articulately, clearly, trenchantly, and lyrically. It is a great pleasure to talk with them."

Page 203 - Beasts of Gor

"...the slave girl is not simply someone with whom the man lives; she is very special to him; she is a treasured possession; he owns her; he wants to know her; profoundly and deeply; the background, history, the mind, the intelligence, the appetites, the nature and disposition of his lovely article of property; this knowledge, of course, puts her more at his mercy; by making it possible to manipulate her feelings, exploit weaknesses, drop asides...she is in the helpless condition of slavery, it gives him more power over her."

Page 42 - Tribesmen of Gor

"How can a girl who is only a slave be of interest?" she asked. "Your question is foolish" I said. "all men desire a slave or slaves, it is their nature. Thus, that a woman is a slave, even in itself, makes her extraordinarily interesting. Her slavery itself, apart from her intelligence or beauty, is found extremely provocative and exciting to a male, because of his nature."

Page 274 - Beasts of Gor

"Beauty and intelligence are all well and good," I said, "but the best slave is she who loves most deeply."

Page 204 - Magicians of Gor

"A girl, incidentally, in the position of the Gorean pleasure slave, but who is not being kept in the position as a discipline, in which case she remains rigid, is allowed much subtle latitude, which she exploits, without breaking the position. Sometimes, as she becomes animated, she rises a bit from her heels, sometimes her head moves, her eyes are alive and vital, she speaks and laughs, and, radiantly, every inch, every bit, of her alive, converses lyrically and delightedly. Any girl knows that an interesting body is a moving body. Even within the apparent restraint of the position of the pleasure slave a girl's body can be a subtle, provocative melody of motion. The interplay between the restraint of the position and her animation gives the position incredible power and beauty. Yes, power."

Page 36 - Slave Girl of Gor

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On Pride in One's Slavery . . .

the slave girl experiences a paradox of freedom; the free woman is physically free, but miserable, fighting to be what she is not; the slave girl, physically in bondage, even to the collar, sometimes chains, is given no choice by men but to be totally and precisely what she is, slave; such women, slaves, interestingly, are almost always joyful and vital; they are paradoxically, in their feelings and emotions, liberated; they are not pinched, not psychologically restrained; why this should be I do not know; to see such women , their heads held high, their eyes bright, their bodies , movements, beautiful, as no earth woman would dare to be, is quite pleasurable; some of them are so insolent, so proud of their collars, that I have cuffed them to my feet, to remind them that they are only slaves." Page 43 - Tribesmen of Gor

"Most female slaves," said Hassan, "walk very proudly. They are proud of their slavery, and their mastery by men. They have learned their womanhood. It has been taught to them. In their way, though imbonded, totally, I suppose they are the truest and freest of women. They are closest, perhaps, to the essentials of the female, those of subservience to the masculine will, obedience, service and pleasure. In being most themselves, utter slave, they are most free. Given the proper master they are quite content. In the proper collar a woman is serene, and joyful."

Page 332 - 333 - Tribesmen of Gor

"There is a difference" laughed Hassan, "between the pride of a free woman and the pride of the slave girl. The pride of a free woman is the pride of a woman who feels herself to be the equal of a man. The pride of the slave girl is the pride of the girl who knows that no other woman is the equal of herself."

Page 332 - 333 - Tribesmen of Gor

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On Freedom in Slavery

"Though I am slave," she said, "yet for the first time in my life, I am free."

Page 303 - Nomads of Gor

"Freedom permits a woman to live without a man. Slavery makes a woman need a mans touch... Slavery, of course, is the surest path by means of which a woman can discover her femininity. The paradox of the collar is the freedom which a woman experiences in at last finding herself, and becoming herself."

Page 160 - Magicians of Gor

"Sexuality is a glory in a slave girl which sets her apart from free women...The sexuality of the aroused slave girl is incomprehensible to the free woman. It is nothing she will ever understand. It is a color she can not see, a sound she can not hear..."

Page 333 - Tribesmen of Gor

"On Gor," she said, "I have experienced feelings and sensations I never knew could exist. Inhibitions have been shattered, some of them commanded from me by strong men and the blows of the whip, I have learned to live and to feel. My emotions have been freed. My deepest sexuality and nature have on this world at last been fully liberated. I have found myself. I love and I serve. I now know at last what and who I am, a love slave for uncompromising masters."

Page 18 - Rogue of Gor

"Slavery, of course, is the surest path by means of which a woman can discover her femininity. The paradox of the collar is the freedom which a woman experiences in at last finding herself, and becoming herself."

Page 160 - Magicians of Gor

"The only freedom I would now desire," said Mira "would be the freedom to be totally a slave."

Page 296 - Blood Brothers of Gor

"There is something about being owned, and belonging to another, which is very meaningful to a woman," she said. "It is also, in a way that is hard to make clear to a man, profoundly satisfying."

Page 312 - Beasts of Gor

""The whip is good for us," she said. "Perhaps it is hard for you to understand that, as you are not a woman. It makes our womanhood a hundred times more meaningful. The essential point here is not being whipped, of course, which hurts, but being subject to the whip, and being truly subject to it.

Page 157 - Renegades of Gor

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On Honesty & Inhibitions in a Slave

"The absolute truth must be spoken to a Gorean master. It is forbidden to a girl to hide her feelings."

Page 346 - Captive of Gor

"A slave girl is not permitted to conceal anything from her master. She is his. She must be completely open to him, in all ways, and at all times."

Page 84 - Hunters of Gor

"I looked down upon her. "You are a wanton slave," I said. She looked up at me laughing, "A girl in a collar is not permitted inhibitions," she said. It was true, slave girls must reveal their sexual nature, totally. Do they not do so , they are beaten."

Page 278 - Marauders of Gor

"Slave girls are not permitted to shortchange their beauty. They must fulfill its promise"

Page 416 - Magicians of Gor

"She fell to kissing me, with the lascivious, wanton joy of the slave girl, given no choice but to reveal and liberate, and act upon, completely and with perfection, her deepest, most hidden desires, even though she might in misery, scorn herself for possessing them."

Page 296 - Marauders of Gor

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On Conduct Expected of a Slave

"A Gorean slave girl in the presence of a free man or woman always kneels, unless excused from doing so."

Page 73 - Captive of Gor

"Forgive me, Master," she said. "I was not respectful. It was appropriate that I be cuffed."

Page 193 - Magicians of Gor

"The Gorean dancer is expected, usually, to sayisfy the passions she arouses."

Page 26 - Players of Gor

"Insubordination, slaves are quickly taught, is not acceptable, in any way, to the Gorean master."

Page 123 - Kajira of Gor

"Slave girls on Gor address all free men as Master, though, of course only one such would be her true Master."

Page 60 - Nomads of Gor

"Similarly, slaves on the whole, do not address free men by their names."

Page 12 - Assassin of Gor

"We must thus see to it that we are marvels to them, that we serve them with eagerness and perfection. This is not a matter, incidentally, of serving regardless of our will and possible desires, or in spite of them, but of actually adjusting our will and desires, in such a way that they now find expression and fulfillment even in such service."

Page 312 - Dancer of Gor

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On Collars, Leashes & Restraints

"The Turian collar lies loosely on the girl, a round ring; it fits so loosely that, when grasped in a mans fist, the girl can turn within it; the common Gorean collar, on the other hand, is flat, snugly fitting steel band. Both collars lock in the back, behind the girl's neck. The Turian collar is more difficult to engrave, but it, like the flat collar, will bear some legend assuring that the girl, if found, will be promptly returned to her Master." Page 19 - Nomads of Gor

"The small, heavy lock on a girls slave collar, incidentally, may be of several varieties, but almost all are cylinder locks, either of the pin or disk variety. In a girls collar lock there would be six pins or six disks, one each, it is said, for each letter of in the Gorean word for female slave, kajira; the male slave , or kajirus, seldom has a locked collar; normally a band of iron is simply hammered about his neck; often he works in chains, usually with other male slaves."

Page 51 - Assassin of Gor

"She wore on her throat a high , gold collar, with, in front, a large golden loop, some two inches in width. Threaded through this loop, was a golden chain. This chain terminated, at each end, with high, golden slave bracelets. When the girl stands her hands may fall naturally to her sides, each in its bracelet, each bracelet attached to the same chain, which passes through the collar loop. It is a very beautiful way of chaining a girl."

Page 79 - Beasts of Gor

"I had broken her swiftly to my collar. She had been excellent in a man's arms. Months later I had freed her. What a fool I had been. It was not a mistake I would make again with a woman. Keep them slaves. They belong in collars."

Page 140 - Beasts of Gor

"Indeed, the leash, not uncommonly, can cause a woman to sexually blossom. This is presumably a function of such things as its actual restraint, which is quite real; its message to her that she is an animal, a slave; and its making clear to her, by a device, such as a bracelet, a brand or collar, what is the order of nature, who it is who controls her and who it is whom she must obey, who is the slave and who is the master. A leash, even apart from questions of training, of course, can have powerful emotional impact on a girl. It is a very useful way of convincing a girl that she is slave; similarly it can always serve as an effective reminder. Some girls do not seem to believe they are slaves until they have been leashed. But after that, and after having been put through "leash paces," there is seldom any doubt in their mind. Some girls beg to be leashed, sometimes crawling to their masters, their leash held between their small, fine teeth. Most masters use the leash at one time or another. A Gorean saying has it that a leashed slave is a hot slave."

Page 366 - Fighting Slave of Gor

"The collar is put on from without, but what it encircles comes from within. Slavery, true slavery, comes from within."

Page 210 - Savages of Gor

"What do you think he is doing to her?" she asked. "Mastering her," I said. "Do you think she is tied?" she asked. "Probably." I said She looked down, shuddering, blushing. The intensification of sexual pleasure, both physically and psychologically, by the application of selected restraints is well known."

Page 158 - Renegades of Gor

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On Brands

(click here for pictures and info on Khaos' real life branding.)

"I have wondered upon occasion why brands are used on Gorean slaves. Surely, Goreans have at their disposal means for indelibly but painlessly marking the human body. My conjecture, confirmed to some extent by the speculations of the Older Tarl, who had taught me the craft of arms in Ko-ro-ba years ago, is that the brand is used primarily, oddly enough, because of its reputed psychological effect. In theory, if not in practice, when the girl finds herself branded like an animal, finds her fair skin marked by the iron of a master, she cannot fail, somehow, in the deepest levels of her thought, to regard herself as something which is owned, as mere property, as something belonging to the brute who has put the burning iron into her thigh. Most simply, the brand is supposed to convince the girl that she is truly owned; it is supposed to make her feel owned. When the iron is pulled away and she knows the pain and degradation and smells the odor of her burned flesh, she is supposed to tell herself, understanding its full and terrible import, I AM HIS. Actually, I suppose the effect depends greatly on the girl."

Page 189 - Outlaw of Gor

"I noted her brand. It was a southern brand, the first letter in the cursive script, or Kajira, the most common expression for a Gorean female slave. It was entered deeply in her left thigh."

Page 166 - Marauders of Gor

"The girls are usually branded impersonally, perfunctorily, as cattle. Though they feel the mark intensely physically, it is felt, interestingly, even more intensely, more profoundly, psychologically; not unoften it, in itself, radically transforms their self images, their personalities; they are only slaves, not permitted their own wills, rightless, at the bidding of masters; the mark is an impersonal designation; this is understood by the girls; when she is marked she understands herself not to be marked by a given man for a given man, to be uniquely his, but rather, so to speak, that she is marked for all men; to all men she is a slave girl; usually, of course, only one among them, at a given time, will be her master; the brand is impersonal; the brand marks her property; the brand is impersonal; the collar is intensely personal; the brand marks her property; the collar proclaims whose property she is, who it is who has actually taken, or paid for, her; that the brand is an impersonal designation of absence of status in the social structure is perhaps another reason why masters do not often brand their own girls; the brand relationship to the free man is institutional; the collar relationship on the other hand is an intensely personal one."

Page 42 - Tribesmen of Gor

"Indeed, some masters, somewhat foolishly, I think, dally in the branding of their slaves. Indeed, some, perhaps the most foolish, do not brand them at all. Such girls, however, when they come into the keeping of new masters, usually discover that oversight is promptly remedied."

Page 273 - Renegades of Gor

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